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Friday, March 25

6:30am PDT

8:00am PDT

9:00am PDT

Unconference High Tech Elementary (HTe) How can educators who are not currently working with marginalized youth make a difference by adapting their teaching practice? HTe Conference Bilingual education & bilingualism in education for Deeper Learning- HTE 207 HTE 207 Building multicultural competent communities-- HTE 203 HTE 203 Building positive learning cultures with students experiencing poverty-- HTE 222 HTE 222 Building positive, student-centered culture from scratch-- HTE 219 HTE 219 Constructive Tension—the balance between grounded reality and new ideas-- HTE 111 HTE 111 Cultivating growth mindset-- HTE 208 HTE 208 Equity Fellows-- HTE 109 HTE 109 How do we develop perceptual learning? --HTE 115 HTE 115 How do we help educators trust student voice?-- HTE 202 HTE 202 How do we implement restorative justice practices? -- HTE 114 HTE 114 How to overcome learned helplessness? -- HTE 113 HTE 113 How we talk about deeper learning in our communities-HTE 123 HTE 123 HTH Graduate School of Education - M.Ed. in Educational Leadership Program - Learn to Lead for Equity and Deeper Learning-- HTE 227 HTE 227 Incorporating psychosocial needs of learnings into daily life at school-- HTE 215 HTE 215 Let's talk about being white and doing this work across racial and/or other differences-- HTE 221 HTE 221 Middle School: Effective deeper learning design w/expeditions and internships-- HTE 217 HTE 217 Reconnecting with the Earth DEEPLY-HTE 129/130 HTE 130 Student-led social justice problem solving-- HTE 216 HTE 216 Teaching humanities & literature in 21st century-- HTE 204 HTE 204 The future of libraries-- HTE 108 HTE 108 Tour of HTH sites with HTH students MEET IN GSE FORUM Deep Dive Talk with Marc Chun & Sam Seidel Deep Dive Den--HTE 223Rob Riordan • Marc Chun • Sam Seidel Brazing Basics 101 HTHI 107Chris Barrera • David Gillingham Carve/Tag Stamp Equity Exhibition Den--HTHI 105Charlie Linnik Maker's Den-Maker Den Mural HTHI CommonsMike Johnston Virtual Reality in Education using Google Cardboard-HTHI 103 HTHI-103Carrie Lawrence

10:00am PDT

A Deeper Look at Math in Art–HTHI 120 HTHI 120Stacy Jennings Belonging and Becoming: Social and Emotional Supports for Adolescent Learning –HTE 108 HTE 108Kathleen Cushman Breaking with Tradition: The Need for Deeper Learning in Urban Environments–HTE 111 HTE 111Wesley Davidson • Ellie McMahon Deeper Learning by Going Deeper Within–HTE 114 HTE 114Jessica Caenepeel-Knust • Jennifer Morrison • Chris Olivas Deeper Learning: Lessons from Early Childhood–HTE 204 HTE 204Martha Foote • Mark Reid • Josh Thompson • Karen Walker Embody to Empathize: Using Kinesthetic Experiences to Deepen Analysis and Practice Empathy–HTE 130 HTE 130Lynn Brown • Kali Heft • J.P. Passero • Danielle Rivellese Examining Deeper Learning in Employer-led Education Initiatives–HTE 219 HTE 219Jackie Gonzalez • Sheila Jackson Greater Together: Building Collaboration Skills through Game-Based Assessments for Learning–HTE 216 HTE 216Seth Corrigan How to facilitate student voice in the classroom with the Student Bill of Rights–HTE 123 HTE 123Zak Malamed • Max Richter • Tara Subramaniam, Industry Partners: Beyond the Basics–HTE 207 HTE 207Megan Martin • Natasha Morse • Scott Weatherford It Might As Well Be Deep Space Nine: Strategies for Successful PBL for 'Lopsided/Outlier' Learners–HTE 202 HTE 202Jadis Blurton • Christine Greenberg It Starts with Us! Caretaking a Deeper Learning Instructional Focus through Professional Development–HTE 122 HTE 122Maggie Bello Learning how Summit Basecamp and the Personalized Learning Plan (PLP) Assess Cognitive Skills through Project Based Learning-HTHI 123 HTHI 123Jessica Agus • Lizzie Choi Research and Deeper Learning–HTE 227 HTE 227Stephen Hamilton • Mette Huberman • Kristen MacConnell • Kristina Zeiser SCRUM: An Agile Project Management Tool For Everyone–HTE 222 HTE 222Jeff Feitelberg • Jeremy Manger Still 'Pale and Male': Why the Persistence of Male Leadership in Education?–HTE 228 HTE 228Valerie Brown • Kirsten Olson Student Leadership in the Writing, Editing and Publication Process–HTHI 124 HTHI 124Abril Centurion • Karla Duck • Colleen Green • Ashley Price • Alexis Roman

11:45am PDT

12:30pm PDT